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Warhammer – The End Times Series

Anyone familiar with Warhammer will surely be aware of the cataclysmic changes happening as part of the ongoing End Times sequence. While the books published for this series are not approaching the complexity of the Horus Heresy, I think it’s still worth having a quick overview of what’s what.

So far there have been four books produced by Games Workshop with both background information and rules for new characters and new or amended army lists, along with an accompanying Black Library novel to go hand in hand with each one.

There have also been a number of additional novels which have been associated with the End Times – of these, Kinslayer and Deathblade are officially within the series (and are labelled as such on their covers). Archaon : Everchosen is not labelled as an End Times novel, however it was the first Warhammer book published in that particular hardback format, and it covers the life of Archaon, the Lord of the End Times…so I’m including it anyway.

As I read and review these books, I’ll update the list with the relevant links so that everything points back to this page. I will also make sure the list is updated as and when any new books are released.

Background/Rules Books

Warhammer End Times : Nagash
Warhammer End Times : Glottkin
Warhammer End Times : Khaine
Warhammer End Times : Thanquol
Warhammer End Times : Archaon

Black Library Releases

Archaon Prequels : 
Archaon : Everchosen – Rob Sanders
Archaon : Lord of Chaos – Rob Sanders

Primary Novels : 
The Return of Nagash – Josh Reynolds
The Fall of Altdorf – Chris Wraight
The Curse of Khaine – Gav Thorpe
The Rise of the Horned Rat – Guy Haley
The Lord of the End Times – Josh Reynolds 

Additional Novels :
Gotrek and Felix : Kinslayer – David Guymer
Gotrek and Felix : Slayer – David Guymer
Malus Darkblade : Deathblade – CL Werner

Short Stories :
With Ice and Sword – Graham McNeill

Marienburg’s Stand – David Guymer
Bride of Khaine – Graeme Lyon
Gotrek & Felix : Rememberers – David Guymer
The Siege of Naggarond – SP Cawkwell

Further Reading

Sigmar’s Blood – Phil Kelly
Skarsnik – Guy Haley

Headtaker – David Guymer
Thorgrim – David Guymer (novella)
Nagash Time of Legends series – Mike Lee
– Nagash The Sorcerer
– Nagash The Unbroken
– Nagash Immortal
The Sundering Time of Legends series – Gav Thorpe
– Malekith
– Shadow King
– Caledor
Sigmar Time of Legends series – Graham McNeill
– Heldenhammer
– God King
– Empire
Thanquol and Boneripper series – CL Werner
– Grey Seer
– Temple of the Serpent
– Thanquol’s Doom
The wider Gotrek & Felix series – William King, Nathan Long, Josh Reynolds, David Guymer et al
– The first 16 are available either as standalone novels or in 4 omnibuses

So that’s how the End Times are looking at the moment, along with some further reading for anyone who wants to dig into the back stories of some of the characters involved in these world-shaking events.

If anyone’s got any thoughts about the End Times, what might be coming next and so on…feel free to let me know.

Thanks very much.


  1. I am concerned where they are going with this new thing. First of all, humans, elves and dwarves are on a brink of extinction. There is only one human city left, one dwarf hold and the elves are on the run in the old world. Bretonnians are almost dead (with his remaining knights in the Empire). Ind, Cathay, Estalia, Tilea, Araby were destroyed by the Skaven. Nargaroth by Chaos as Kislev.

    So, indeed this time the end of times is here. So where are they going? The Humans, Dwarves and Elves are to few to conquer all back. Either GW are killing them off and then have a world of Skaven vs Undead vs Chaos vs Alliance (Humans, Dwarves and Elves). Or are they abandoning Warhammer Fantasy?

    1. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Personally I’m withholding judgement until everything has been released and the dust has settled. I certainly don’t think GW are going to abandon Warhammer, but rather that they’re reshaping it into something different. Interesting times!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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