The Watcher

QUICK REVIEW : The Watcher – CZ Dunn

On the twenty-fourth day of Christmas, Black Library gave to us…a Horus Heresy audio drama by CZ Dunn. The final advent short, The Watcher sees one of Malcador’s Knights Errant receive a message in the form of a broken and bloodied Space Wolf. Using his psychic abilities the Knight watches through the eyes of the Wolf as he recalls his Sigillite-ordered mission to ‘observe’ the Night Lords, and the events that led up to his appalling wounding.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given his previous role as Black Library’s regular audio drama producer, CZ Dunn can certainly pen a good audio, and this is no exception. It’s lean and well-paced, making the most of its short length with a simple but effective plot and characters that are just well-drawn enough to be interesting and identifiable. It’s dialogue-heavy with just a glimpse of the Wolves in action, along with the by-now-requisite hints and foreshadowings that fill every Heresy short release, with a nice balance maintained that makes it feel like a a complete story in its own right while also being part of a wider whole regarding the Wolves and their role as observers.

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