Brotherhood of the Moon

QUICK REVIEW : Brotherhood of the Moon – Chris Wraight

On the twenty-second day of Christmas, Black Library gave to us…a Horus Heresy short story by Chris Wraight. First of all, Brotherhood of the Moon is a direct sequel to Scars, so if you haven’t read that…look away now. Shown through Torghun Khan’s eyes as he attempts to explain himself in the aftermath of Scars’ denouement, it looks at his early dealings with the Lunar Wolves and some of the first steps that set him on his path. He recalls early campaigns before the legion was reunited at Chondax, and his desire to see his legion honoured and respected alongside the Lunar Wolves.

It’s another very short story, perhaps 2,000 words or so, however it’s written well, making the most of every word, and also the story chosen by Wraight is very much suited to the short word count. Picking up Torghun’s thread from Scars, as well as hints dropped in Brotherhood of the Storm, in a short space of time he crafts a clever tale that once again shows his understanding of the White Scars, and their temperament. Unknowable, potentially unreliable, his White Scars continue to be some of the most compelling Horus Heresy characters.

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