Enyalius, in Memoriam

QUICK REVIEW : Enyalius, In Memoriam – Josh Reynolds

On the seventh day of Christmas, Black Library gave to us…a World Eaters short story by Josh Reynolds. Enyalius, in Memoriam follows the World Eater Marakitedes as he leads what’s left of his brothers in battle against the Ultramarines, in order to honour their fallen captain, the titular Enyalius. As they fight their way across the hull of the Ultramarines’ ship Marakitedes recalls what brought them there and considers what the future holds for him and his brothers, all the while taking skulls on behalf of Enyalius.

Short, sweet and standalone, this shows a slightly different side to the World Eaters to how they’re usually portrayed. It looks at the ties of brotherhood that still remain and the way in which they respect their leaders, and the strange sense of honour they possess regarding their dedication to their god. It’s typically bloody and brutal once the World Eaters get their chainaxes wet, but tinged with an unexpected hint of empathy and a lashing of black humour as the beloved Enyalius’ remains are carried into battle with inevitable results. Another entertaining, slightly left-field story from the ever-busy Josh Reynolds.

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