Fabius Bile Repairer of Ruin

QUICK REVIEW – Fabius Bile : Repairer of Ruin – Josh Reynolds

On the third day of Christmas Black Library gave to us…a Fabius Bile audio drama by Josh Reynolds. Fabius Bile : Repairer of Ruin follows the self-styled Primogenitor as he leads his malformed minions on a mission to steal the preserved body of Horus. With the assault on Lupercalia carrying on around him, Fabius has his eyes set on a bigger prize than merely punishing the Sons of Horus for the sins of their father; once he has Horus’ body in his possession he can once again turn his attention to replicating the genetic code of the Primarchs.

Clearly Josh Reynolds has enjoyed writing this; it’s a twenty-minute slab of pure fun, the ever-impressive voice cast bringing Fabius to maniacal, egotistical life as he chatters away more or less to himself even while he’s busy killing Sons of Horus. Ever the mad scientist, Bile reveals just how deep his hubris runs, though there’s no denying his abilities and ambition. Referencing famed events in the post-Heresy history of the Emperor’s Children, as well as tying in with the Talon of Horus, this an entertaining and enjoyable look at a delightfully despicable character from the 40k background.

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