Black Library Advent Calendar 2014

Black Library Advent Calendar 2014

As has become tradition in the run up to Christmas, Black Library have provided us, their devoted readers, with an advent calendar full of fictional fun. This year we it’s Warhammer 40k and Horus Heresy only, but according to today’s New@BL blog post we’re actually going to get ‘over 30 new stories’. Not only that but anyone who pays in advance for the ‘subscription’ will receive each day’s story/stories as well as a ‘free’ novel on Christmas Day. The advent calendar page on the Black Library website is showing an icon for each day, presumably representing the focus of each day’s story/stories.

I’m going to be reading these each day, and hopefully posting a review before the day’s out. As these are all likely to be short stories, I’m going to keep these reviews under 200 words – short reviews for short stories.

I’ve listed each day below; I’ll update each one with the link to the relevant review as and when it’s written, while in the meantime I’ve listed what I think each icon represents, or might represent. As you can see, some of them are difficult to work out; if you have any suggestions, or if you think I’ve got any of them wrong, please feel free to leave them in the comments and we’ll see how close we get once each story is revealed!

EDIT : On day 2 some of the icons changed…interesting. Updated below.

Day 1 : The Final Compliance of Sixty-Three Fourteen – Guy Haley (Sons of Horus)
Day 2 : Cold Roads – Joe Parrino (Brazen Claws)
Day 3 : Fabius Bile : Repairer of Ruin – Josh Reynolds (Emperor’s Children)
Day 4 : Shield of Baal : Wraithflight – Guy Haley (Eldar)
Day 5 : Stratagem – Nick Kyme (Ultramarines)
Day 6 : Yarrick : Concordat – David Annandale (Imperial Guard)
Day 7 : Enyalius, In Memoriam – Josh Reynolds (World Eaters)
Day 8 : Six Blood Angels Short Stories – Various Authors
Day 9 : A Son’s Burden – Andy Smillie (Flesh Tearers)
Day 10 : Vorax – Matthew Farrer (Dark Mechanicum)
Day 11 : Last Step Backwards – Justin D. Hill (Imperial Guard)
Day 12 : Brethren – Phil Kelly (Ultramarines/Tau)
Day 13 : The Word of the Silent King – LJ Goulding (Blood Angels/Necrons)
Day 14 : None More Loyal – Mike Lee (Crimson Fists)
Day 15 : Ahriman : Gates of Ruin – John French (Thousand Sons)
Day 16 : Vengeful Honour – Nick Kyme (Marines Malevolent)
Day 17 : The Value of Fear – Gav Thorpe (Raven Guard)
Day 18 : Herald of Sanguinius – Andy Smillie (Blood Angels)
Day 19 : Holder of the Keys – Gav Thorpe (Dark Angels)
Day 20 : The Dread Sentinels of Dorn – Rob Sanders (Imperial Fists)
Day 21 : Loss – Joe Parrino (Raven Guard)
Day 22 : Brotherhood of the Moon – Chris Wraight (White Scars)
Day 23 : Forgotten – Dan Abnett (Gaunt’s Ghosts)
Day 24 : The Watcher – CZ Dunn (Knights Errant)
Day 25 : Khârn : Eater of Worlds – Anthony Reynolds (World Eaters)

Happy reading everyone, Merry Christmas!

EDIT : click here for a recap of the whole Advent Calendar


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