QUICK REVIEW: See No Evil – Rob Sanders (Call of Archaon part 8)

WARNING: this review contains a spoiler if you haven’t read the previous seven instalments of the Call of Archaon arc…

The eighth and final instalment of Black Library’s Call of Archaon miniseries, Rob Sanders’ See No Evil wraps things up with a story set once the dust has settled and Archaon has chosen his new champion. Orphaeo Zuvius, once a champion of Tzeentch and now of Archaon’s Varanguard, joins his fellows at the front of a vengeful force determined to drive the newly-arrived Stormcast Eternals from their beachhead in a land previously conquered by Chaos. With Archaon himself leading from the front, it promises to be an epic battle and a fitting conclusion to this particular story arc.

Zuvius was arguably the least well developed of the three champions, and he doesn’t get much additional depth here…but then the point of this story is to top the arc off with something suitably explosive, so that’s hardly surprising. It opens relatively slowly as various other Varanguard are introduced, hinting at how a band-of-evil-brothers type story could potentially be really good fun, but soon enough it hurtles into action as Zuvius leads the Varanguard into the fray. There are some fun moments as they face off against the stoic, implacable Stormcasts, and while another big battle won’t be to everyone’s taste, it’s at least an enjoyable one.

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