QUICK REVIEW: Eye of the Storm – Rob Sanders (Call of Archaon part 2)

The second story in Black Library’s eight-part The Call of Archaon, Rob Sanders’ Eye of the Storm follows Tzeentchian champion Orphaeo Zuvius, the Prince of Embers, on his quest to reach Archaon. Guided by a daemonic familiar, Zuvius leads his warband across the Blasted Plain, determined to prove his worth to Archaon. When he’s forced to ally with the warband of a powerful Khornate champion, he has to use his cunning as well as his strength in order to succeed in his quest and walk the Beaten Path.

This time the story is much simpler, as its protagonist knows exactly where he wants to go and why. On the surface this is a story of the differences between Tzeentch and Khorne, but in its execution it turns out to be something rather less characterful than that. The quest storyline really needs twists and turns to remain engaging, but once we find out what drives Zuvius there’s little in the way of character development or interesting plot points. It feels rather linear and lacking in spark, and afflicted by the over-emphasised Khornate archetypes that so often weigh Age of Sigmar stories down. There’s nothing bad, just not much to stand out either.

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