QUICK REVIEW: The Shadowmasters – Gav Thorpe

The Shadowmasters by Gav Thorpe has seen three releases; first in prose inside the dust jacket for the Limited Edition Corax: Soulforge, next as a standalone 12-minute audio drama, and finally in prose again within Book 41: Corax. However it’s consumed, it’s a short but sweet exploration of the Mor Deythan, those Raven Guard able to tap into Corax’s gift and become one with the shadows. Set during the events of Soulforge it sees Sergeant Chamell leading his fellow Shadowmasters behind enemy lines to sow fear and confusion as part of the wider Raven Guard assault on Atlas.

Look back through Soulforge and you’ll spot this scene shown from Agapito’s viewpoint; it’s a smart idea to use a micro-short/short audio like this to retell a scene from a different perspective, as it comes with instant context. There’s no need for exposition so the focus is on Chamell and his gifts, both a demonstration of his effectiveness and an insight into his mindset and beliefs. The audio version adds atmospheric SFX, but the main draw is Jonathan Keeble’s measured, softly spoken narration which really brings the story to life. The prose version is a satisfying quick read, but the audio drama is just that little bit more powerful, and well worth a listen.

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