Recommended Sites

There are all sorts of great websites out there which provide information about sci-fi and fantasy books, and about all things Black Library and Games Workshop related. I’ve picked out a few that I particularly enjoy, if you fancy a recommendation or two, and I’ll keep updating this page as and when I discover any more. Click on each image to visit that website.

Before you ask, I don’t get any commission for linking out to these sites – I just think they’re great!

Cool Warhammer-Related Websites
First of all, here are some websites which are just great resources for fans of Games Workshop and Black Library:

Warhammer Commuity.JPG

The Warhammer Community website is an official site run by Games Workshop, and an amazing resource full of news about new and upcoming releases, and interesting articles about pretty much every aspect of the hobby. Well worth checking out.

Black Library’s website is the place to go if you want to pick up any of their great books, audios and stories, or see what’s coming soon. There’s no blog on there any more – see Warhammer Community for that – but it’s still a useful resource.


If you’re a fan of the Scythes of the Emperor chapter of Space Marines, this is the place for you – it’s a huge repository of cool stuff about everyone’s favourite Tyranid-ravaged chapter.

Author Pages
Loads of Black Library authors are active online, but not that many of them keep up regular blog or website updates. I’ve picked out a couple who do excellent work online, and are well worth following – I pinched their bios from the Black Library website.


Gav is one of the elder statesmen of Black Library; he has a great website full of useful and interesting information, and he puts out regular newsletters featuring Q&As, updates on what he’s working on, competitions…loads of great stuff.


Josh is a phenomenally prolific writer, who’s quickly becoming one of my favourites in the Black Library stable. He updates his blog pretty often, and also has a Patreon page if anyone wants to support his non-Black Library work.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a late starter when it comes to podcasts. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited onto the Imperial Truth podcast as a semi-regular contributor though, since when I’ve started dipping my toe into the podcasting waters. There are MASSES of wargaming podcasts out there, but I’ve singled out a few that I’ve got to like recently.

Imperial Truth.jpg

The Imperial Truth is a Horus Heresy-themed podcast that covers pretty much all aspects of the Heresy as a hobby – gaming, painting, reading, the lot. I’m a bit biased with this one, as I contribute to the books section!

Combat Phase.jpg

The Combat Phase podcast covers all aspects of the wargaming hobby, but from my perspective is notable for getting SO MANY Black Library authors on to discuss their work. If you can think of a BL author, there’s probably an interview with them on Combat Phase.


If there’s a great website you think I’d like, and should be shared around – let me know!