Black Library Reviews

Below is a list Black Library reviews, organised A-Z by author. Short stories and audio dramas are marked as such.


Dan Abnett – Blood Games (short story)
Dan Abnett – Blood Pact
Dan Abnett – Eternal (short story)

Dan Abnett – The Fall of Malvolion (short story)
Dan Abnett – First and Only

Dan Abnett – Forgotten (short story)
Dan Abnett – Ghostmaker
Dan Abnett – Ghostmaker (short story)
Dan Abnett – Honour Guard
Dan Abnett – Horus Rising

Dan Abnett – I Am Slaughter
Dan Abnett – The Keeler Image (short story)
Dan Abnett – Killbox (short story)

Dan Abnett – Midnight Rotation (short story)
Dan Abnett – Misbegotten (short story)
Dan Abnett – Necropolis
Dan Abnett – Perpetual (audio drama)
Dan Abnett – Sabbat Crusade
Dan Abnett – Salvation’s Reach
Dan Abnett – The Warmaster

Dan Abnett – Xenos
David Annandale – The Atonement of Fire (short story)

David Annandale – The Binary Succession (audio drama)
David Annandale – Castellan

David Annandale – Curse of the Wulfen
David Annandale – The Damnation of Pythos
David Annandale – The Dance of the Skulls (short story)
David Annandale – Doombound (audio drama)

David Annandale – Gates of the Devourer (short story)
David Annandale – Honour and Wrath (short story)
David Annandale – The Hunt for Vulkan
David Annandale – Iron Corpses (audio drama)
David Annandale – Knight of Corruption (short story)
David Annandale – The Last Wall
David Annandale – Lemartes : Guardian of the Lost
David Annandale – Mephiston : Lord of Death
David Annandale – Roboute Guilliman: Lord of Ultramar
David Annandale – Ruinstorm
David Annandale – Shattered Crucible (short story)
David Annandale – The Skeleton Key (short story)

David Annandale – Sons of Titan
David Annandale – True Name (audio)
David Annandale – The Vorago Fastness (short story)
David Annandale – Warden of the Blade
David Annandale – Watchers In Death
David Annandale – Yarrick : Concordat (short story)
David Annandale – Yarrick : The Wreckage (short story)


Black Library Advent Calendar 2014
Black Library Advent Calendar 2014 – Recap
Black Library Advent Calendar 2015
Black Library Advent Calendar 2015 – Recap
Black Library Advent Calendar 2016
Black Library Advent Calendar 2016 – Recap
Black Library Advent Calendar – 6 Blood Angels Short Stories
Black Library – Blades of the Traitor
Black Library – Death and Defiance
Black Library – Echoes of War Audio Drama Collection
Black Library – Honour of the Space Marines
Black Library – The Horus Heresy Cover Art Collection
Black Library – Legacies of Betrayal
Black Library – Legends of the Dark Millennium : Space Wolves
Black Library – Legends of the Dark Millennium: Ultramarines

Black Library – Legion of the Damned : Digital Collection
Black Library – Meduson
Black Library – The Realmgate Wars: Call of Archaon
Black Library – The Realmgate Wars : Ghal Maraz

Black Library – The Realmgate Wars : Hammers of Sigmar
Black Library – The Realmgate Wars : War Storm
Black Library – Renegades of the Dark Millennium
Black Library – Sedition’s Gate
Black Library – Shattered Legions
Black Library – Sons of the Emperor

Black Library – Visions of War : The Art of Space Marine Battles
Mark Brendan – Tenebrae (short story)
Mike Brooks – The Path Unclear (short story)


Braden Campbell – Cepheus (short story)
SP Cawkwell – The Siege of Naggarond (short story)
SP Cawkwell – Silver Skulls: Portents
SP Cawkwell – The Tyrant’s Champion (short story)
Andy Chambers – Ancient History (short story)
Andy Chambers – Survival Instinct

Mark Clapham – Blood of Sanguinius (short story)
Mark Clapham – Hollow Beginnings (short story)
Mark Clapham – The Known Unknown (short story)
Andy Clark – Becoming (short story)
Andy Clark – Crusade

Andy Clark – Gorechosen (short story)
Andy Clark – Kingsblade
Andy Clark – Shroud of Night

Andy Clark – Warhammer Quest Silver Tower : Labyrinth of the Lost
Andy Clark – Whiteout (short story)
Ben Counter – Arjac Rockfist : Anvil of Fenris
Ben Counter – The Caged Wolf (short story)
Ben Counter – Cassius
Ben Counter – Daemon World

Ben Counter – Feast of Lies (short story)
Ben Counter – The Flesh of the Angel (short story)
Ben Counter – Gift of the Gods (short story)
Ben Counter – Heart of Decay (audio drama)

Ben Counter – One Bullet (short story)
Ben Counter – Words of Blood (short story)

Ben Counter – The World Engine


Aaron Dembski-Bowden – The Abyssal Edge (short story)
Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Black Legion
Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Blood and Fire

Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Extinction (short story)
Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Heart of the Conqueror (short story)
Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Into Exile (short story)
Aaron Dembski-Bowden – The Long Night (audio)
Aaron Dembksi-Bowden – Massacre (short story)
Aaron Dembski-Bowden – The Master of Mankind
Aaron Dembski-Bowdwn – Ragnar Blackmane
Aaron Dembski-Bowden – The Talon of Horus
Aaron Dembksi-Bowden – Without Fear (short story)
Evan Dicken – The Path to Glory (short story)

Chris Dows – First To Hunt (short story)
Chris Dows – Glory From Chaos (short story)
Chris Dows – Monolith (short story)
Chris Dows – The Red Path
Chris Dows – Renegades of Elysia (audio drama)
Chris Dows – Scions of Elysia (audio drama)
Miles A. Drake – The Flesh Tithe (short story)

CZ Dunn – Bloodspire (audio drama)
CZ Dunn – Jackalwolf (short story)
CZ Dunn – The Rage of Asmodai (audio drama)
CZ Dunn – Signal to Noise (short story)
CZ Dunn – The Watcher (audio drama)
CZ Dunn – Within These Walls (short story)



Matthew Farrer – Crossfire
Matthew Farrer – Snares and Delusions (short story)

Matthew Farrer – Vorax (short story)

Peter Fehervari – Casts A Hungry Shadow (short story)
Peter Fehervari – Fire and Ice
Peter Fehervari – The Greater Evil (short story)

Peter Fehervari – Legends of the Dark Millennium: Genestealer Cults
Peter Fehervari – The Walker in Fire (short story)
Matt Forbeck – The Hack Attack (short story)
John French – The Absolution of Swords (short story)
John French – Agent of the Throne: Blood and Lies (audio drama)
John French – Ahriman: All Is Dust (short story)
John French – Ahriman: The Dead Oracle (short story)
John French – Ahriman: Exile
John French – Ahriman: Exodus
John French – Ahriman: The First Prince (audio)
John French – Ahriman: The First Prince (short story)
John French – Ahriman: Fortune’s Fool (short story)
John French – Ahriman: Gates of Ruin (short story)
John French – Ahriman: Hand of Dust (short story)
John French – Ahriman: The Hounds of Wrath (short story)
John French – Ahriman: Key of Infinity (audio drama)
John French – Ahriman: King of Ashes (short story)
John French – Ahriman: Sorcerer
John French – Ahriman: Unchanged
John French – Black Oculus (short story)
John French – The Blessing of Saints (short story)

John French – Child of Night (short story)
John French – Dark Compliance (audio drama)
John French – Grey Angel (short story)
John French – The Horusian Wars: Resurrection
John French – The Maiden of the Dream (short story)
John French – Now Peals Midnight (short story)

John French – Ordo Sinister (short story)
John French – The Passing of Angels (short story)

John French – Praetorian of Dorn
John French – The Purity of Ignorance (short story)
John French – The Son of Sorrows (short story)

John French – Tallarn: Executioner
John French – Tallarn: Ironclad
John French – Tallarn: Siren (short story)
John French – Tallarn: Witness (short story)
John French – Templar (audio drama)
John French – The Eagle’s Talon (audio drama)
John French – The Eagle’s Talon (short story)
Toby Frost – Straken


Games Workshop – Warhammer: The End Times – Archaon
Games Workshop – Warhammer: The End Times – Glottkin
Games Workshop – Warhammer: The End Times – Khaine
Games Workshop – Warhammer: The End Times – Nagash
Games Workshop – Warhammer: The End Times – Thanquol
LJ Goulding – The Aegidan Oath (short story)
LJ Goulding – Daedalus (audio drama)

LJ Goulding – The Heart of the Pharos (audio)
LJ Goulding – Heloth (short story)
LJ Goulding – Malcador: First Lord of the Imperium (audio drama)

LJ Goulding – Mortarion’s Heart (audio drama)
LJ Goulding – Prince of Blood (short story)
LJ Goulding – Terminal Velocity (short story)

LJ Goulding – The Word of the Silent King (short story)
Jonathan Green – Salvation (short story)
David Guymer – Bear Eater (short story)
David Guymer – Beneath the Black Thumb (short story)

David Guymer – The Calculus of Battle (audio drama)
David Guymer – Echoes of the Long War
David Guymer – The Eye of Medusa
David Guymer – Four Thousand Days (short story)
David Guymer – Gods’ Gift (short story)
David Guymer – Gotrek & Felix : City of the Damned
David Guymer – Gotrek & Felix : Kinslayer
David Guymer – Gotrek & Felix : Rememberers (short story)
David Guymer – The Hardest Word (short story)
David Guymer – A Last Sniff of Glory (short story)

David Guymer – The Last Son of Dorn
David Guymer – Marienburg’s Stand (short story)
David Guymer (and Josh Reynolds) – Mortarch of Night
David Guymer – A Place of Reflection (audio drama)

David Guymer – Thorgrim


Guy Haley – The Autumn Prince (audio drama)
Guy Haley – Baneblade

Guy Haley – The Beheading
Guy Haley – The Crystal of Fate (short story)
Guy Haley – Dante
Guy Haley – Dark Imperium
Guy Haley – The Devastation of Baal
Guy Haley – Duty Waits (short story)
Guy Haley – Emp-Rah’s Eye (short story)
Guy Haley – The Emperor’s Architect (short story)
Guy Haley – The Final Compliance of Sixty-Three Fourteen (short story)
Guy Haley – Grandfather’s Gift (short story)
Guy Haley – The Gift of Khorne (short story)
Guy Haley – The Glorious Tomb (audio)
Guy Haley – Hoppo’s Pies (short story)
Guy Haley – Hunter’s Moon (audio)
Guy Haley – The Laurel of Defiance (short story)

Guy Haley – The Painted Count (short story)
Guy Haley – Pantheon (short story)
Guy Haley – Perturabo: Hammer of Olympia

Guy Haley – Pharos
Guy Haley – The Rise of the Horned Rat
Guy Haley – Shield of Baal : Wraithflight (short story)
Guy Haley – The Solace of Rage (short story)
Guy Haley – Throneworld
Guy Haley – The Trial of the Chosen (short story)
Guy Haley – Twisted (short story)
Guy Haley – Valedor
Guy Haley – The Volturung Road (short story)
Guy Haley – Wolfsbane
Andy Hall – Da Bank Job (short story)
Andy Hall – Foul Play (short story)

Alex Hammond – The Demon Bottle (short story)
Rachel Harrison – Execution (short story)

Ray Harrison – The Blooding (short story)
Ray Harrison – Dishonoured (short story)
Justin D. Hill – The Battle For Markgraaf Hive (short story)
Justin D. Hill – The Battle of Tyrok Fields (short story)
Justin D. Hill – Cadia Stands

Justin D. Hill – Deadhenge (short story)
Justin D. Hill – Last Step Backwards (short story)
Justin D. Hill – Lost Hope (short story)

Justin D. Hill – Storm of Damocles
Darius Hinks – Burned (short story)
Darius Hinks – Mephiston: Blood of Sanguinius
Nick Horth – Callis and Toll: The Old Ways (short story)



Andy Jones – Grunsonn’s Marauders (short story)


Paul Kearney – The Blind King (short story)
Paul Kearney – Calgar’s Fury

Paul Kearney – Calgar’s Siege
Paul Kearney – Dark Hunters : Umbra Sumus
Phil Kelly – Blades of Damocles
Phil Kelly – Brethren (audio)
Nick Kyme – The Burden of Angels (short story)
Nick Kyme – Chirurgeon (short story)
Nick Kyme – Deathfire
Nick Kyme – Dreams of Unity (short story)

Nick Kyme – The Gates of Terra (short story)
Nick Kyme – Mercy of the Dragon (short story)

Nick Kyme – Rebirth
Nick Kyme – Sons of the Forge

Nick Kyme – Stratagem (audio)
Nick Kyme – The Unending Storm (short story)
Nick Kyme – Veil of Darkness (short story)

Nick Kyme – Vengeful Honour (short story)


Mike Lee – None More Loyal (short story)
Graeme Lyon – Black Iron (short story)
Graeme Lyon – Bride of Khaine (short story)
Graeme Lyon – The Eighth Victory (short story)
Graeme Lyon – The Librarian’s Acolyte (short story)
Graeme Lyon – Mazlocke’s Cantrip of Superior Substitution (short story)

Graeme Lyon – The Sacrifice (short story)
Steve Lyons – Bad Blood (short story)
Steve Lyons – Dark City (short story)
Steve Lyons – Exodus (short story)

Steve Lyons – Eye of the Dragon (short story)
Steve Lyons – Left for Dead (short story)

Steve Lyons – The Silence (short story)


Robbie MacNiven – Blood and Iron (short story)
Robbie MacNiven – A Brother’s Confession (short story)
Robbie MacNiven – Carcharadons: Red Tithe

Robbie MacNiven – Carcharadons: The Reaping Time (short story)
Robbie MacNiven – Death Warrant (short story)

Robbie MacNiven – Fixed (short story)
Robbie MacNiven – Heartwood (short story)

Robbie MacNiven – The Lost King (short story)
Robbie MacNiven – Redblade (short story)
Robbie MacNiven – A Song for the Lost (short story)
Robbie MacNiven – Stone and Iron (audio drama)

Robbie MacNiven – The Young Wolf’s Return (short story)
George Mann – Shrike

Mike Mason – Potentia (short story)
Graham McNeill – The Ancient Awakes (short story)

Graham McNeill – The Corpse Road (short story)
Graham McNeill – The Crimson King

Graham McNeill – The Devine Adoratrice (short story)
Graham McNeill – The Kaban Project (short story)
Graham McNeill – Knights of the Imperium
Graham McNeill – Luna Mendax (short story)
Graham McNeill – Magnus The Red: Master of Prospero

Graham McNeill – The Seventh Serpent
Graham McNeill – The Staff of Asclepius (short story)
Graham McNeill – Thief of Revelations (audio)
Graham McNeill – Vengeful Spirit
Graham McNeill – The Wolf of Ash and Fire (short story)
Graham McNeill – With Ice and Sword (short story)
Graham McNeill – Wolf Mother (short story)
Sandy Mitchell – The Cost of Command (short story)
Sandy Mitchell – Dead in the Water (audio drama)

Sandy Mitchell – The Greater Good


Aron Nemeth – Above and Beyond (Part 1)
Aron Nemeth – Above and Beyond (Part 2)
Aron Nemeth – Above and Beyond (Part 3)



Joe Parrino – Assassinorum : The Emperor’s Judgement (audio)
Joe Parrino – Assassinorum : Execution Force
Joe Parrino – Cold Roads (short story)
Joe Parrino – Loss (audio)
Chris Pramas – The Black Pearl (short story)



Gordon Rennie – Rites of Passage (short story)
Anthony Reynolds – Children of Sicarus (audio)
Anthony Reynolds – The Infinite Tableau (short story)
Anthony Reynolds – Khârn: Eater of Worlds

Anthony Reynolds – The Purge
Anthony Reynolds – Vox Dominus (short story)

Anthony Reynolds – Word Bearers : The Omnibus
Josh Reynolds – The Art of Provocation (audio)
Josh Reynolds – Auction of Blood (short story)

Josh Reynolds – Black Rift
Josh Reynolds – The Black Rift of Klaxus : Assault on the Mandrake Bastion (short story)
Josh Reynolds – The Black Rift of Klaxus : Bridge of Smoke (short story)
Josh Reynolds – The Black Rift of Klaxus : The Gnawing Gate (short story)
Josh Reynolds – The Black Rift of Klaxus : In the Walls of Uryx (short story)
Josh Reynolds – The Black Rift of Klaxus : The Scarlet Lord (short story)
Josh Reynolds – The Black Rift of Klaxus : Six Pillars (short story)
Josh Reynolds – The Black Rift of Klaxus : Ten Skulls (short story)
Josh Reynolds – Blackshields: The False War (audio drama)
Josh Reynolds – Death’s Head (short story)

Josh Reynolds – Doc Morgrim’s Vow (short story)
Josh Reynolds – Enyalius, In Memoriam (short story)
Josh Reynolds – Fabius Bile: Primogenitor
Josh Reynolds – Fabius Bile : Repairer of Ruin (audio)
Josh Reynolds – Fulgrim: The Palatine Phoenix
Josh Reynolds – Fury of Gork

Josh Reynolds – The Howling Ship (short story)
Josh Reynolds – The Last Gift (short story)
Josh Reynolds – Light of a Crystal Sun (short story)

Josh Reynolds – The Lord of the End Times
Josh Reynolds – Manglers Never Lose (short story)
Josh Reynolds – Master of the Hunt (audio)
Josh Reynolds – A Memory of Tharsis (short story)
Josh Reynolds (and David Guymer) – Mortarch of Night
Josh Reynolds – Nagash: The Undying King
Josh Reynolds – Prodigal (short story)
Josh Reynolds – The Return of Nagash
Josh Reynolds – The Road of Blades (short story)
Josh Reynolds – Skaven Pestilens
Josh Reynolds – The Tainted Axe (short story)

Josh Reynolds – A Trick of the Light (short story)


Rob Sanders – Adeptus Mechanicus : Skitarius
Rob Sanders – Adeptus Mechanicus : Tech-Priest
Rob Sanders – Archaon : Everchosen
Rob Sanders – Army of One (short story)
Rob Sanders – By The Horns (short story)
Rob Sanders – Cybernetica
Rob Sanders – Daemon of the Deep (short story)
Rob Sanders – The Darkness of Angels (short stories)
Rob Sanders – Distant Echoes of Old Night (short story)
Rob Sanders – The Dread Sentinels of Dorn (short story)
Rob Sanders – The Ember Wolves (short story)
Rob Sanders – Eye of the Storm (short story)
Rob Sanders – Fearful Symmetries (short story)
Rob Sanders – The Harrowing (short story)
Rob Sanders – The Honoured
Rob Sanders – In the Lands of the Blind (short story)

Rob Sanders – Ironfire (short story)
Rob Sanders – Myriad (short story)
Rob Sanders – Predator, Prey
Rob Sanders – See No Evil (short story)
Rob Sanders – Shadow of Ullanor
Rob Sanders – Sons of the Hydra

Rob Sanders – Unearthed (short story)
Rob Sanders – The Wolf Within (short story)
Cavan Scott – Hidden Treasures (short story)
Andy Smillie – The Assassination of Gabriel Seth (audio drama)

Andy Smillie – Death’s Shepherd (short story)
Andy Smillie – Divine Will (short story)
Andy Smillie – Herald of Sanguinius (audio)
Andy Smillie – Sins of the Father (short story)
Andy Smillie – A Son’s Burden (short story)
Andy Smillie – Sons of Wrath
Matt Smith – In Service Eternal (short story)
Ian St. Martin – City of Ruin (short story)
Ian St. Martin – Deathwatch: Swordwind (short story)
Ian St. Martin – The Embrace of Pain (audio drama)

Ian St. Martin – In Wolves’ Clothing (short story)
Ian St. Martin – Legends of the Dark Millennium: Deathwatch
Ian St. Martin – A Lesson in Darkness (audio drama)
Ian St. Martin – Lucius: The Faultless Blade
Ian St. Martin – Pride and Fall (short story)

JC Stearns – Wraithbound (short story)
James Swallow – Corsair: The Face of the Void (audio drama)

James Swallow – Exocytosis (short story)
James Swallow – Garro : Ashes of Fealty (audio)
James Swallow – Garro : Shield of Lies (audio)
James Swallow – Garro : Vow of Faith
James Swallow – Ghosts Speak Not (short story)
James Swallow – Lost Sons (short story)
James Swallow – Patience (short story)
James Swallow – Reflection in Blood (short story)


Gav Thorpe – Accept No Failure (audio)
Gav Thorpe – Angels of Caliban
Gav Thorpe – Angels of Darkness

Gav Thorpe – Asurmen: The Darker Road (audio)
Gav Thorpe – Asurmen : Hand of Asuryan
Gav Thorpe – The Beast Must Die
Gav Thorpe – The Board is Set (short story)

Gav Thorpe – Catechism of Hate
Gav Thorpe – Corax: Soulforge
Gav Thorpe – The Curse of Khaine
Gav Thorpe – Dark Son (short story)
Gav Thorpe – The Emperor Expects
Gav Thorpe – Eye of Night (audio)
Gav Thorpe – Fireheart (short story)

Gav Thorpe – The Grey Raven (audio)
Gav Thorpe – Hand of Darkness (audio)
Gav Thorpe – Heirs of the Laughing God: A Deadly Wit (audio)

Gav Thorpe – Holder of the Keys (audio)
Gav Thorpe – Inheritor (short story)
Gav Thorpe – Jain Zar: The Storm of Silence
Gav Thorpe – Know Thine Enemy (short story)

Gav Thorpe – Last Chance (short story)
Gav Thorpe – Lord of the Cosmic Gate (short story)
Gav Thorpe – Lorgar: Bearer of the Word

Gav Thorpe – Master of the First (audio)
Gav Thorpe – Ravenlord
Gav Thorpe – Scrape to Victory (short story)

Gav Thorpe – The Shadowmasters (audio)
Gav Thorpe – Shadow of the Past (short story)
Gav Thorpe – Shadows of Heaven (short story)
Gav Thorpe – Valerius (audio)
Gav Thorpe – The Value of Fear (short story)
Gav Thorpe – Vengeance of the Immortal (short story)
Gav Thorpe – Warbeast



Nik Vincent – The Fissure (short story)


James Wallis – The Dead Among Us (short story)
CL Werner – Cult of the Warmason

CL Werner – Scent of a Traitor (short story)
CL Werner – Shiprats (short story)
CL Werner – Wardens of the Everqueen
CL Werner – The Witch Takers (short story)

CL Werner – Wrath of the Wolf (short story)
Matt Westbrook – Bladestorm

Matt Westbrook – Medusan Wings
Richard Williams – Orphans of the Kraken (short story)

Alec Worley – Pride and Penitence (short story)
Alec Worley – Stormseeker (short story)
Alec Worley – Whispers (short story)

Chris Wraight – Allegiance (short story)
Chris Wraight – Argent (short story)
Chris Wraight – Blackshield (short story)
Chris Wraight – Blood of Asaheim

Chris Wraight – Brotherhood of the Moon (short story)
Chris Wraight – Brotherhood of the Storm
Chris Wraight – The Chalice (short story)
Chris Wraight – Daemonology (short story)
Chris Wraight – Endurance (short story)

Chris Wraight – The Fall of Altdorf
Chris Wraight – Fatespinner (short story)
Chris Wraight – The Hunt for Magnus
Chris Wraight – The Last Son of Prospero (short story)
Chris Wraight – Leman Russ: The Great Wolf
Chris Wraight – Parting of the Ways (audio)
Chris Wraight – Restorer (short story)

Chris Wraight – Scars
Chris Wraight – Siegemaster (short story)
Chris Wraight – The Sigillite (short story)
Chris Wraight – The Soul, Severed (audio)
Chris Wraight – Vaults of Terra: The Carrion Throne
Chris Wraight – Warhammer Age of Sigmar : The Gates of Azyr
Chris Wraight – Watchers of the Throne: The Emperor’s Legion

Chris Wraight – Wolf King