Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Reviews List

Since its release in 2015, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar has seen a slow but steady release of accompanying fiction from Black Library. This page contains a listing (as accurate as I can make it) of all the novels, novellas, audio dramas and short stories that have been released to date.

Where I’ve reviewed a story it will show up in red, and you can click through to find my review.

The Realmgate Wars – Novels

The Realmgate Wars – Audio Dramas

These eight audio dramas are collected together into Mortarch of Night:

  • The Hunt For Nagash 1: The Prisoner of the Black Sun by Josh Reynolds
  • The Hunt For Nagash 2: Sands of Blood by Josh Reynolds
  • The Hunt For Nagash 3: The Lords of Helstone by Josh Reynolds
  • The Hunt For Nagash 4: Bridge of Seven Sorrows by Josh Reynolds
  • Knights of Vengeance 1: The Beasts of Cartha by David Guymer
  • Knights of Vengeance 2: Fist of Mork, Fist of Gork by David Guymer
  • Knights of Vengeance 3: Great Red by David Guymer
  • Knights of Vengeance 4: Only the Faithful by David Guymer

Legends of the Age of Sigmar

Other Novels/Novellas

Short Stories – Serials

These eight short stories make up the novel Black Rift by Josh Reynolds:

These eight short stories make up the Realmgate Wars book Call of Archaon:

These seven short stories make up the Realmgate Wars novel Bladestorm by Matt Westbrook:

  • Bladestorm 1: Vengeance Eternal
  • Bladestorm 2: Righteous Blood
  • Bladestorm 3: The Manticore Dreadhold
  • Bladestorm 4: Iron Tide
  • Bladestorm 5: Splitskull Pass
  • Bladestorm 6: Chosen of Sigmar
  • Bladestorm 7: The Spiral Tower

Shadespire audio dramas

Short Stories

These twelve short stories were released in the Call of Chaos 2015 Advent Calendar collection:

I’ve also put together a bit of a cast list for the main Stormcast Eternal characters involved in the series so far – check that out here.

If I’ve missed anything then just let me know, and I’ll endeavour to keep this updated with all future releases.


  1. Hi Michael. Great site and thanks for the reviews, information and enthusiasm.

    I think you might be missing one story here – Labyrinth of the Lost ( tie in novel to the Warhammer Quest Silver Tower boxed game ).

    I’m an old school Warhammer fan ( early 90’s onwards ) but I’ve now read the entire Realmgate Wars series and a few of the standalones and I have to say that despite some early difficulties with the setting, they are telling some great stories now.

    Particular highlights for me were Fury of Gork and Lord of Undeath. The books exploring the Fyreslayers and the Sylvaneth have also been good IMHO.

    The upcoming titles which are the start of trilogies and a classic quest story also give me great hope for where things will go.

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts as you read through these.



    1. Thanks David, I’m glad it’s useful!

      That’s interesting – I deliberately didn’t include Labyrinth of the Lost…but on reflection I think you’re right, that it should be included. I’ll make that change 🙂

      Definitely looking forward to Josh’s new books, as they sound fantastic. Plenty to keep me occupied until then, though – and then I’m very tempted to go back and re-read a load of the old-school Warhammer books…they were so good!

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