QUICK REVIEW: In the Lands of the Blind – Rob Sanders (Call of Archaon part 6)

In the Lands of the Blind, Rob Sanders’ second contribution to Black Library’s Call of Archaon Age of Sigmar arc, once again features Tzeentchian champion Orphaeo Zuvius as he continues to seek his fate with Archaon. Battling through the death-filled Great Spoilage to reach the Varanspire itself, he quickly finds that reaching his destination was not the final step on his path. With countless other champions and their warbands laying desperate siege to the vast fortress, Zuvius has his work cut out to even reach the walls, never mind find a way inside and present himself to Archaon for judgement.

As with Eye of the Storm this is a pretty linear story, as Zuvius pushes ever onwards towards his goal. It’s chock full of detailed, descriptive, Chaos-filled action, but at the expense of really developing Zuvius as a character. There are occasional flashes of the sneering, pride-filled monster that he is, but they’re largely hidden behind an action-heavy plot that just doesn’t provide enough space for him to flourish beyond until, perhaps, the very end. As always it’s entertaining enough in a straightforward, unsubtle way, it just feels like a missed opportunity to really flesh out a potentially interesting character.

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