QUICK REVIEW: Patience – James Swallow

Available in ebook alongside Ghosts Speak Not or in print in The Silent War, James Swallow’s Patience is a Knights Errant micro-short featuring Helig Gallor. Once a brother of the Death Guard under Battle Captain Garro’s command, he now finds himself leading troops from Malcador’s Chosen across the annihilated landscape of a conquered world in search of his old commander. Determined to do his duty by retrieving Garro, he’s also keen to find a connection with the other former Death Guard to help him adjust to his new life. What he finds isn’t quite what he expected.

Best read after Ghosts Speak Not (hence the two being bundled together) this adds another layer of detail onto the gradually widening picture that Swallow (among others) is building of the Knights Errant and the Chosen of Malcador. Swallow cleverly brings us in partway through Garro’s mission to generate a sense of scale and make it feel like this is just one part of a wider story. It’s short and sweet (it’s a micro-short, remember) but feels like a nice extension of Gallor’s arc, and it actually serves more than anything to show a different view of Garro, seen through Gallor’s eyes.

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