QUICK REVIEW: A Trick of the Light – Josh Reynolds

The first new Black Library e-short of 2017, Josh Reynolds’ A Trick of the Light is his second story featuring Lukas the Trickster after the audio drama The Art of Provocation. This time we go right back to Lukas’ induction into the Space Wolves and another event that’s enshrined in his backstory – his battle with the doppelgangrel. Abandoned in the harsh wilderness of Fenris, Lukas must battle all manner of dangers if he’s to return to the Fang and become one of the Sky Warriors, not least this most lethal of predators. He has a score to settle first, however…

Where The Art of Provocation showed Lukas at his most light-hearted, here we see him in a much earlier, darker place. It’s a pretty grim tale, full of typically Fenrisian dangers and gallows humour, but also a sense of isolation, both physical and psychological. Lukas is changing and being tested, and we’re offered glimpses of what he used to be that informs why he is the way he is. It’s got all the usual Reynolds hallmarks, and while it’s less playful than some of his other stories it shows that he’s really getting under the skin of this character.

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