QUICK REVIEW: Argent – Chris Wraight

Part of the event-only Black Library Live! 2016 chapbook alongside A Memory of Tharsis by Josh Reynolds, Chris Wraight’s Argent is an Inquisition short story that links in with his upcoming novel Vaults of Terra: The Carrion Throne. In it, Interrogator Luce Spinoza tells a tale of joining the Imperial Fists in an assault on a traitor-held hive, during which her perception of the Angels of Death is profoundly affected. Fighting alongside the Fists as part of a wider mission to cleanse the hive, she faces both the horror of corruption and the ferocity of the Space Marines’ ardent faith.

With few clear details of the upcoming novel’s plot it’s hard to say how closely this story ties in, although we know that Spinoza will play a part. Whatever the case, this is a story of Wraight’s usual high calibre, cleverly told and filled with detail. Spinoza comes across as an intriguing mixture of determined and inexperienced, definitely feeling the need to prove herself but clearly very capable. Filtered through her perception, both the Fists and Spinoza’s Inquisitorial master stand out in ways we’ve not really seen before, lending this a fresh feel that bodes very well indeed for the novel when it’s released. To say more would risk spoiling the story, but as with A Memory of Tharsis this deserves a wider release sometime soon.


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