Black Library Advent Calendar 2016

As is fast becoming tradition, it’s December and Black Library are celebrating the approach of Christmas with an Advent Calendar consisting of twenty-four new stories released one per day right up until Christmas Eve. After 2014’s selection of 40k and Horus Heresy short stories and audio dramas, and 2015’s Call of Chaos mixing stories and Games Workshop rules content for 40k and Age of Sigmar, this year we’re getting a variety of content across 40k, Horus Heresy, Age of Sigmar and even Blood Bowl!

According to the Black Library website and emails there are going to be six audio dramas and eighteen ebooks, broken down into eight Horus Heresy stories, ten 40k tales, three Age of Sigmar ‘legends’ and three Blood Bowl ‘escapades’. As usual I’ll be reviewing each one as it comes out and posting my thoughts up here on the blog – I’ll link to each of the reviews below as soon as I post them, so click on each one to read the review. In the meantime there’s an Advent Calendar page on the Black Library website showing (sometimes slightly difficult to interpret) icons which hint at what each story is going to feature, so I’ve filled in as much detail as I can infer about each upcoming story!

So far there’s been no word of what’s coming on Christmas Day. Previous years have seen new novels released on the 25th, so let’s keep our collective fingers crossed that we’ll see something similar this year. At Black Library Live, in the Coming Soon seminar Nick Kyme hinted that there might even be more than one…! [EDIT: judging by the image being gradually revealed, I’d say Garro’s going to be coming out on the 25th. Robbie MacNiven has also hinted that his Carcharadons novel is coming out in ebook very soon, so that could be the second one…]

If you’ve got any thoughts or suggestions about what’s coming up, please do leave a comment on the blog or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter!

Day 1: Perpetual by Dan Abnett (Horus Heresy audio – Oll Persson)
Day 2: The Maiden of the Dream by John French (The Horusian Wars)
Day 3: Into Exile by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (Horus Heresy – Arkhan Land)
Day 4: The Road of Blades by Josh Reynolds (Age of Sigmar – Khorne)
Day 5: The Calculus of Battle by David Guymer (40k audio – Iron Hands)
Day 6: Fixed by Robbie MacNiven (Blood Bowl)
Day 7: The Grey Raven by Gav Thorpe (Horus Heresy – Raven Guard)
Day 8: Wraithbound by JC Stearns (40k – Eldar)
Day 9: The Soul, Severed by Chris Wraight (Horus Heresy audio – Emperor’s Children)
Day 10: Prodigal by Josh Reynolds (40k – Fabius Bile)
Day 11: Bear Eater by David Guymer (Age of Sigmar – Stormcast)
Day 12: The Embrace of Pain by Ian St. Martin (40k – Lucius the Eternal)
Day 13: The Painted Count by Guy Haley (Horus Heresy – Night Lords)
Day 14: Becoming by Andy Clark (40k – Imperial Knights)
Day 15: Doc Morgrim’s Vow by Josh Reynolds (Blood Bowl)
Day 16: Valerius by Gav Thorpe (Horus Heresy audio – Raven Guard)
Day 17: The Aegidan Oath by LJ Goulding (40k…sort of – Ultramarines)
Day 18: Carcharadons: The Reaping Time by Robbie MacNiven (40k – Space Sharks!)
Day 19: Exocytosis by James Swallow (Horus Heresy – Death Guard)
Day 20: Pantheon by Guy Haley (Age of Sigmar)
Day 21: The Art of Provocation (40k audio – Space Wolves)
Day 22: Unearthed by Rob Sanders (40k – Inquisition)
Day 23: Da Bank Job by Andy Hall (Blood Bowl)
Day 24: The Last Son of Prospero (Horus Heresy – Thousand Sons)

Happy reading (and listening), and here’s to a great Christmas! 


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