The Darkness of Angels

QUICK REVIEW : The Darkness of Angels – Rob Sanders

The fifth title in Black Library’s Space Wolves serial sees Rob Sanders get involved with his short story The Darkness of Angels. We last saw Krom Dragongaze fighting for survival in the arenas of Commoragh and that’s where we find him here, battling against all manner of monstrosity and forced to accept help from a Dark Angel, of all people, in order to survive. With time running out for the Marines, can Krom and his new allies find a way to escape?

Sanders is usually a safe pair of hands, and here he does a good job of rescuing this serial story and slowing its descent into characterless drudgery. There’s nothing wildly different here, but he keeps the focus on Krom and makes this episode of the story all about survival against the odds. Krom doesn’t get much more in the way of development but Sanders just injects a little life and vibrancy into his tale that helps it feel more interesting than the previous instalments. The prose does occasionally veer into slightly more purple territory, and it all sags a bit towards the end as things get bogged down in an over-long battle scene, but overall it’s a shot in the arm for the wider story and a decent tale in itself.


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