The Caged Wolf

QUICK REVIEW : The Caged Wolf – Ben Counter

Black Library’s latest Space Wolf serial continues with The Caged Wolf, in which Ben Counter details the reaction of the Wolves to the daemonic infiltration of the Fang and the worry that the Great Wolf Logan Grimnar might be in need of assistance. With the Wolf Lords thirsting for blood and ready to crusade across the stars in their lord’s name, Ulrik the Slayer counsels caution, leading a small force to track the Great Wolf and test the validity of the daemon’s tale. When he arrives it takes all of his willpower to keep his own battle-lust in check.

Where Feast of Lies opened the serial in an unusual, engaging style, here things are back to Counter’s straight-up action style, which is a shame as it’s a much less characterful story. We see Ulrik battling against both the alien Tau and his own fierce nature, but it’s all delivered in the sort of simple, no-nonsense style that really offers little of interest past the basic action, and shows little in the way of character development. It’s perfectly enjoyable, but compared to some recent portrayals of the Wolves it just feels a little shallow and disappointing.


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