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Black Library – The Horus Heresy Series

Black Library’s Horus Heresy series is getting longer by the month, with novels, novellas, short stories and audio dramas all available. I’ve been reading these as they come out for the most part, and I’ve got to say that while I’m thoroughly enjoying the series I’m finding it harder and harder to keep track of the various storylines and character arcs. That’s obviously part and parcel of getting involved in such a large series – the temptation to go back and re-read from the beginning is growing!

So I’ve reviewed several of the Heresy releases, and in time I’m sure I will indeed end up going back, re-reading and then reviewing them. I thought it might be useful in the meantime to create a page that all of my Heresy reviews can link to, as part of a list of all of the releases so far.

This includes novels, novellas, audio dramas and short stories. The only release I’ve not included are audio books (i.e. audio versions of novels, novellas or short stories).

Anything that’s underlined has a review, so click away!

Book 1 : Horus Rising – Dan Abnett
Book 2 : False Gods – Graham McNeill
Book 3 : Galaxy In Flames – Ben Counter
Book 4 : Flight of the Eisenstein – James Swallow
Book 5 : Fulgrim – Graham McNeill
Book 6 : Descent of Angels – Mitchel Scanlon
Book 7 : Legion – Dan Abnett
Book 8 : Battle For The Abyss – Ben Counter
Book 9 : Mechanicum – Graham McNeill
Book 10 : Tales of Heresy (anthology)
Book 11 : Fallen Angels – Mike Lee
Book 12 : A Thousand Sons – Graham McNeill
Book 13 : Nemesis – James Swallow
Book 14 : The First Heretic – Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Book 15 : Prospero Burns – Dan Abnett
Book 16 : Age of Darkness (anthology)
Book 17 : The Outcast Dead – Graham McNeill
Book 18 : Deliverance Lost – Gav Thorpe
Book 19 : Know No Fear – Dan Abnett
Book 20 : The Primarchs (anthology)
Book 21 : Fear To Tread – James Swallow
Book 22 : Shadows of Treachery (anthology)
Book 23 : Angel Exterminatus – Graham McNeill
Book 24 : Betrayer – Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Book 25 : Mark of Calth (anthology)
Book 26 : Vulkan Lives – Nick Kyme
Book 27 : The Unremembered Empire – Dan Abnett
Book 28 : Scars – Chris Wraight
Book 29 : Vengeful Spirit – Graham McNeill
Book 30 : The Damnation of Pythos – David Annandale
Book 31 : Legacies of Betrayal (anthology)
Book 32 : Deathfire – Nick Kyme
Book 33 : War Without End (anthology)
Book 34 : Pharos – Guy Haley
Book 35 : Eye of Terra (anthology)
Book 36 : The Path of Heaven – Chris Wraight
Book 37 : The Silent War (anthology)
Book 38: Angels of Caliban – Gav Thorpe
Book 39: Praetorian of Dorn – John French
Book 40: Corax – Gav Thorpe
Book 41: The Master of Mankind – Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Book 42: Garro – James Swallow
Book 43: Shattered Legions (anthology)
Book 44: The Crimson King – Graham McNeill
Book 45: Tallarn – John French
Book 46: Ruinstorm – David Annandale
Book 47: Old Earth – Nick Kyme
Book 48: The Burden of Loyalty (anthology)
Book 49: Wolfsbane – Guy Haley

The Honoured – Rob Sanders
The Unburdened – David Annandale

Hardback : The Scripts Volume One
Hardback : The Scripts Volume Two

Graphic Novel : Macragge’s Honour – Dan Abnett and Neil Roberts

The Horus Heresy Cover Art Collection

The Horus Heresy: The Primarchs
I’ve included the Primarchs series here as it’s clearly marked as a Horus Heresy product. As each book is confirmed, I’ll update this list…

Roboute Guilliman: Lord of Ultramar – David Annandale
Leman Russ: The Great Wolf – Chris Wraight
Magnus The Red: Master of Prospero – Graham McNeill
Perturabo: Hammer of Olympia – Guy Haley
Lorgar: Bearer of the Word – Gav Thorpe
Fulgrim: The Palatine Phoenix – Josh Reynolds
Ferrus Manus: The Gorgon of Medusa – David Guymer
Jaghatai Khan: Warhawk of Chogoris – Chris Wraight

Sons of the Emperor (event-only anthology)

Novellas and non-numbered novels
Some of these were originally included in anthologies, or have been included in later anthologies. Where applicable, I’ve included the anthology name in brackets after each novella.

Promethean Sun – Nick Kyme
Aurelian – Aaron Dembski-Bowden (Eye of Terra)
The Serpent Beneath – Rob Sanders (The Primarchs)

The Reflection Crack’d – Graham McNeill (The Primarchs)
The Lion – Gav Thorpe (The Primarchs)
Feat of Iron – Nick Kyme (The Primarchs)
The Crimson Fist – John French (Shadows of Treachery)
Prince of Crows – Aaron Dembski-Bowden (Shadows of Treachery)
Brotherhood of the Storm – Chris Wraight (Legacies of Betrayal)
Corax : Soulforge – Gav Thorpe
Tallarn : Executioner – John French
Scorched Earth – Nick Kyme
The Imperial Truth (anthology)
Ravenlord – Gav Thorpe
Sedition’s Gate (anthology)
The Purge – Anthony Reynolds (The Silent War)
Death and Defiance (anthology)
The Seventh Serpent – Graham McNeill
Blades of the Traitor (anthology)
Tallarn : Ironclad – John French
Meduson (anthology)
Cybernetica – Rob Sanders
Wolf King – Chris Wraight
Garro : Vow of Faith – James Swallow
Sons of the Forge – Nick Kyme

Audio Dramas

The Dark King/The Lightning Tower – Graham McNeill/Dan Abnett
Raven’s Flight – Gav Thorpe
Garro : Legion of One – James Swallow
Garro : Oath of Moment – James Swallow
Butcher’s Nails – Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Burden of Duty – James Swallow
Grey Angel – John French
Garro : Sword of Truth – James Swallow
Warmaster – John French
Strike and Fade – Guy Haley
Veritas Ferrum – David Annandale
The Sigillite – Chris Wraight
Honour to the Dead – Gav Thorpe
Wolf Hunt – Graham McNeill
Censure – Nick Kyme
Hunter’s Moon – Guy Haley
Thief of Revelations – Graham McNeill
Khârn : The Eightfold Path – Anthony Reynolds
Lucius : The Eternal Blademaster – Graham McNeill
Cypher : Guardian of Order – Gav Thorpe
Echoes of Ruin – various authors
Templar – John French
Garro : Shield of Lies – James Swallow
Master of the First – Gav Thorpe
The Long Night – Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Stratagem – Nick Kyme
Herald of Sanguinius – Andy Smillie
The Watcher – CZ Dunn
The Eagle’s Talon – John French
Iron Corpses – David Annandale
Garro : Ashes of Fealty – James Swallow
Raptor – Gav Thorpe
The Shadowmasters – Gav Thorpe
Grey Talon – Chris Wraight
The Heart of the Pharos – LJ Goulding
Red-Marked – Nick Kyme
The Either – Graham McNeill
Echoes of Imperium – various authors
Children of Sicarus – Anthony Reynolds
The Thirteenth Wolf – Gav Thorpe
Perpetual – Dan Abnett
The Soul, Severed – Chris Wraight
Valerius – Gav Thorpe
The Binary Succession – David Annandale
Echoes of Revelation – various authors
Dark Compliance – John French
Blackshields: The False War – Josh Reynolds
Perturabo: Stone and Iron – Robbie MacNiven
Malcador: First Lord of the Imperium – LJ Goulding
Kurze: A Lesson in Darkness – Ian St. Martin

Quick Read Short Stories
These are all quick 200 word reviews of short stories available as standalone e-shorts from the Black Library website. I’ve included the anthology (if any) that each story is available as part of, in brackets next to each story. Where a story is available in more than one anthology (i.e. a LE novella-length one and a novel-length one) I’ve gone for the full-length anthology.

The Last Remembrancer – John French (Age of Darkness)
The Iron Within – Rob Sanders (Age of Darkness)
The Face of Treachery – Gav Thorpe (Age of Darkness)
Savage Weapons – Aaron Dembski-Bowden (Age of Darkness)
Rules of Engagement – Graham McNeill (Age of Darkness)
Rebirth – Chris Wraight (Age of Darkness)
Little Horus – Dan Abnett (Age of Darkness)
Liar’s Due – James Swallow (Age of Darkness)
Forgotten Sons – Nick Kyme (Age of Darkness)
Army of One – Rob Sanders
(The Silent War)
Kryptos – Graham McNeill (Legacies of Betrayal)

Dark Heart – Anthony Reynolds (Mark of Calth)
The Gates of Terra – Nick Kyme (The Silent War)
Angron (includes After Desh’ea, Butcher’s Nails and Lord of the Red Sands) – Matthew Farrer & Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Death of a Silversmith – Graham McNeill (Shadows of Treachery)

Distant Echoes of Old Night – Rob Sanders (The Silent War)
Lost Sons – James Swallow (The Silent War)
The Divine Word – Gav Thorpe (Legacies of Betrayal)
The Kaban Project – Graham McNeill (Shadows of Treachery)
Riven – John French (Legacies of Betrayal)
Björn: Lone Wolf – Chris Wraight (Legacies of Betrayal)
Honour to the Dead – Gav Thorpe (Legacies of Betrayal)
Censure – Nick Kyme (Legacies of Betrayal)
The Wolf of Ash and Fire – Graham McNeill (Eye of Terra)
The Devine Adoratrice – Graham McNeill (War Without End)
Child of Night – John French (The Silent War)
Daemonology – Chris Wraight (War Without End)
The Final Compliance of Sixty-Three Fourteen – Guy Haley (Eye of Terra)
Vorax – Matthew Farrer (Eye of Terra)
The Value of Fear – Gav Thorpe (Corax)
Brotherhood of the Moon – Chris Wraight (Eye of Terra)
Virtues of the Sons – Andy Smillie (War Without End)
Sins of the Father – Andy Smillie (Eye of Terra)
Imperfect – Nick Kyme (War Without End)
Howl of the Hearthworld – Aaron Dembski-Bowden (War Without End)
A Safe and Shadowed Place – Guy Haley (War Without End)
Gunsight – James Swallow (War Without End)
Black Oculus – John French (War Without End)
Twisted – Guy Haley
 (War Without End)
Chirurgeon – Nick Kyme
 (War Without End)
Wolf Mother – Graham McNeill
 (War Without End)
Tallarn : Witness – John French
Heart of the Conqueror – Aaron Dembski-Bowden (Legacies of Betrayal)
Hands of The Emperor – Rob Sanders (War Without End)
By the Lion’s Command – Gav Thorpe (War Without End)
Lord of the Red Sands – Aaron Dembski-Bowden (War Without End)
All That Remains – James Swallow (War Without End)
The Phoenician – Nick Kyme (War Without End)
Ironfire – Rob Sanders
 (Eye of Terra)
Artefacts – Nick Kyme (War Without End)
The Eagle’s Talon – John French
 (Eye of Terra)
Luna Mendax – Graham McNeill
 (The Silent War)
The Sigillite – Chris Wraight
 (The Silent War)
Grey Angel – John French
 (The Silent War)
Wolf Hunt – Graham McNeill (The Silent War)
Ghosts Speak Not – James Swallow (The Silent War)
Patience – James Swallow (The Silent War)
Inheritor – Gav Thorpe
 (Eye of Terra)
Templar – John French (The Silent War)
Stratagem – Nick Kyme (Eye of Terra)
Master of the First – Gav Thorpe (Eye of Terra)
The Long Night – Aaron Dembski-Bowden (Eye of Terra)
The Herald of Sanguinius – Andy Smillie (Eye of Terra)
Iron Corpses – David Annandale (Eye of Terra)
The Watcher – CZ Dunn (The Silent War)
Tallarn: Siren – John French
Blackshield – Chris Wraight
Myriad – Rob Sanders
The Harrowing – Rob Sanders (War Without End)
Massacre – Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Into Exile – Aaron Dembski-Bowden
The Grey Raven – Gav Thorpe
The Painted Count – Guy Haley
Exocytosis – James Swallow
The Last Son of Prospero – Chris Wraight
Ordo Sinister – John French
The Ember Wolves – Rob Sanders
Grandfather’s Gift – Guy Haley
(part of the Primarchs series)
Restorer – Chris Wraight
The Laurel of Defiance – Guy Haley (War Without End)
Immortal Duty – Nick Kyme (Shattered Legions)
Duty Waits – Guy Haley
Magisterium – Chris Wraight
Now Peals Midnight – John French
Dreams of Unity – Nick Kyme
The Board is Set – Gav Thorpe
The Atonement of Fire – David Annandale (part of the Primarchs series, included in the Black Library Events Anthology 2017/18)
Blood Games – Dan Abnett (Tales of Heresy)
The Passing of Angels – John French (Sons of the Emperor)
The Abyssal Edge – Aaron Dembski-Bowden (Sons of the Emperor)
Mercy of the Dragon – Nick Kyme (Sons of the Emperor)
Shadow of the Past – Gav Thorpe (Sons of the Emperor)
The Emperor’s Architect – Guy Haley (Sons of the Emperor)
Prince of Blood – LJ Goulding (Sons of the Emperor)
The Ancient Awakes – Graham McNeill (Sons of the Emperor)
Misbegotten – Dan Abnett (Sons of the Emperor)

As new releases come available I’ll update this list, so that it’s as complete as I can make it.

Thanks very much.


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