Ahriman : Gates of Ruin

QUICK REVIEW – Ahriman : Gates of Ruin – John French

On the fifteenth day of Christmas, Black Library gave to us…an Ahriman short story by John French. Overlapping slightly with Sorcerer, and following on from a couple of the other shorts in the series, Ahriman : Gates of Ruin sees Ctesias looking back from a point far in the future and recalling the part he played in leading Ahriman and his followers out of the Eye of Terror. Ctesias’ knowledge of daemons is put to good use as he seeks the location of the Gates of Ruin, but can a daemon ever really be trusted?

With every new release the Ahriman series is becoming increasingly complex, character arcs and plot points twisting in unexpected ways and building up a story that’s epic in scale. Here we get a little more detail of Ctesias and his role, wrapped up in a tale that’s typical of John French’s style, full of warped and twisted pain and darkness as well as tantalising hints of what’s to come and why. There’s a strong sense of hidden strands that will become clear in hindsight once the series ends, but in the meantime leave as many questions as they answer. Another excellent addition to the series.

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