Last Step Backwards

QUICK REVIEW : Last Step Backwards – Justin D. Hill

On the eleventh day of Christmas Black Library gave to us…an Imperial Guard short story by Justin D. Hill. Set on the barren desert world of Besana, Last Step Backwards is a story of the Cadian Shock Troops, and the iconic Ursarkar E. Creed. With their armies retreating against the forces of the Archenemy, a vital route to the heart of the Imperial defences is defended by Cadian Whiteshields, cadet soldiers ill-suited to such a task. The situation looks bleak until the arrival of Creed.

An established author in his own right, this is Hill’s fourth short story for Black Library and a clear sign that there are good things to come from him. There’s everything a Guard story should have, from the drudgery of life in the trenches to the machinations of the hierarchy and the heroics of well-loved officers, not to mention tanks, Valkyries and lots of guns. From Creed and Colour Sergeant Kell to the individual Whiteshields, the characters are vivid and relatable, and as a whole this feels like a classic war story, with the stoic Cadians holding out against the odds. Excellent fun, despite the constantly changing spelling of Ursarkar Creed’s name.

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