QUICK REVIEW : Vorax – Matthew Farrer

On the tenth day of Christmas Black Library gave to us…a Horus Heresy short story by Matthew Farrer. With Vorax, Farrer continues his look at all things technological, after his contributions to the Sabbat Worlds/Sabbat Crusade anthologies. This takes place on the Ring of Iron, a Mechanicum facility orbiting Mars, during the Imperial Fists’ blockade of the red planet. An adept of the Dark Mechanicum hunts loyalists through the Ring, unaware that he himself has become prey for something lurking in the shadows.

It’s been a while since the focus of the Heresy has been on Mars and its warring tech priests, and while this is only a very short story, it’s a welcome look at what’s happening right on Terra’s doorstep. It gives an interesting insight into this particular member of the Dark Mechanicum and the changes he has experienced since switching his allegiance, Farrer painting him as quite far removed from the usual calm, calculating adepts of the Mechanicum. There’s a satisfying depth to his character despite the short word count, and on the basis of this story there would be much to enjoy in a longer Mechanicum tale from Matt Farrer.

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